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Why Order A Termite Inspection

A termite inspection performed by a Team Champion Exterminator inspector will always identify these problems so that they can be taken care of before damage is done to your property. Below are a list of conditions that are conducive future wood destroying problems:

  • Plumbing leaks that cause excessive moisture conditions
  • Wooden storage (firewood, ect.) or cellulose debris around or under the house that is in direct contact with soil
  • Roof leaks that cause excessive moisture conditions in attics or exterior eaves
  • Blocked or debris filled rain gutters that cause over splash at exterior eaves
  • Sprinklers that regularly wet the exterior stucco or wood siding
  • Blocked air vents to the attic or subarea that cause excessive moisture conditions


Please contact the office 877-88-CHAMP OR for immediate assistance.


Same Day and Weekend Services, 1 Year warranty on termite services