Residential & Commercial Services

  • Routine Control Service

    Set up a schedule for us to visit 2 times a year or as needed

    Why You Need it:

    • Eliminte Infestation
    • Protect your asset
    • Catch problems early
  • Home Inspections

    Discover the general condition of your home for any defect materials or safety hazards.

    Why You Need it:

    • Home Buyer's Reassurance
    • Find any defects or safety hazards
    • Performed under CA Real Estate Association (CREA)
  • Termite Inspection

    Searching for wood destroying organisms and find any structural damage. Learn more about our termite inspections.

    Why You Need it:

    • Detect problems early to save on repairs
    • Protect your asset
    • Required for most real estate transaction
  • Structural Termite Repair

    If we find any damages during our inspection we can help with repairs. This includes patios, bathrooms, shower pans, flooring, eaves, and all other repairs needed caused by wood destroying organisms.


    • We are EPA Certified for repairs
    • Provide Full Section Termite Clearance for Real Estate Transactions
    • ALl repairs are done in-house. No sub contractors.
    • Weekend Services Available
  • Pest Control

    From rodents to insects, we help inspect and take care of unwanted pests from your home or office. Learn more about Target Pests.

    Why You Need it:

    • Detect problems early to save on repairs
    • Protect your asset
    • Take care of unwanted pests
  • Alternative Fumigation Methods

    If you don't want to go through the hassle of tenting your home.

    Why You Need it:

    • Tenant Issues (avoid asking tenants to move out)
    • Cost Effective compared to convential fumigation methods
    • 2 Year Warranty on service
  • clear & detailed Reports

    Complete and quality reporting with photos for termite & property inspections.

    Why You Need it:

    • Emailed Reports after Home / Termite Inspection within 24 Hours
    • Termite Inspectors with 10 years of experience or more
    • Home Inspectors with ongoing CREA education
    • Fair and Honest Reporting
  • Termite Clearance

    Removal of termite infestation and certification your home is free of termites. 2 year warranty.


    • Provide full Section 1 Clearance for Your Real Estate Transactions
    • Quick turn Around to svoid delaying your escrow
    • Knowledgeable Staff with a minimum of 10 years in the Termite Industry


Same Day and Weekend Services, 1 Year warranty on termite services