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El Monte Bedbug Treatments

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Bedbugs can easily make their way into your home from hotels, libraries, airports, thrift stores, and even antique stores. They don’t fly or jump, so they must hitch a ride by crawling onto your clothing, into your purse or luggage, or on family pets. They move from one infected surface or space to another, spreading among apartment complexes, rooms in homes, or hotel rooms quickly.

If you find any signs of bedbugs in your home, it’s time to act fast. Call the El Monte pest control experts at Team Champion for an inspection and treatment to tackle your bedbug infestation fast. Don’t wait until they take over your home.

Contact Team Champion today and get rid of bedbugs quickly and efficiently in your El Monte home.

Where Do Bedbugs Hide?

Bedbugs can travel or hide in a variety of places in your home and on your personal items. Their hiding places may include:

  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Behind picture frames and art
  • In outlets
  • In folds of paper (books, magazines, newspapers)
  • Within walls, drywall
  • Seams of fabric
  • Wooden furniture seams

What Are Signs of Bedbug Infestation?

If you find any of the indications below, you may have a bedbug problem:

  • Small blood or rust-colored spots
  • Eggshells
  • Eggs
  • Shed skins
  • Dark rust-colored spots (feces)

Bedbug Treatment Options in El Monte

There are three common treatments for bedbug infestations, used depending on the severity of your problem, your budget, and how you would like us to treat.

  • Heat Treatment: This treatment involves heating the entire interior of your home to a specific temperature that permeates the walls, rooms, and substructure. Prior to heating, you will be advised as to how to prepare, including removing food items, items that can be affected by the heat, and how to protect your clothes. Although this is typically a highly effective method of eradication, there are some risks to your belongings, so it is critical that you heed instructions for preparation.
  • Fumigation: As with termite fumigation, this is a whole-house treatment that involves a tent encompassing your whole house. This is often considered the most effective treatment. It will require that you leave your home for the duration of tenting and treatment and considerable preparation for treatment, as with heat treatments.
  • Chemical treatment: This is the least expensive treatment option, as it is less intense and will take place over 30-60 days. It involves chemical treatment application to your surfaces, and often you will be the “bait” to lure the bedbugs out of their hiding spaces. Chemicals are applied to high-traffic areas throughout proposed treatment, with multiple visits for application. This way, the existing bugs are killed upon contact as well as any hatchlings.

Bedbug Services in El Monte with Team Champion

Seeing the signs of bedbugs in your family’s home? Don’t wait to be eaten alive! Call Team Champion for bedbug services and treatment options today and fight back against those pesky biters.

Protect your family from bedbug bites with help from Team Champion in El Monte. Call to schedule an inspection today.


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