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El Monte Termite Treatments with Team Champion

Why Do You Need to Treat Termite Infestations?

The most critical reason to treat termite infestations is to combat and prevent the damage they will inevitably cause to your home. They can cause damage to your flooring, walls, foundation, and other wooden structure around your home. Termites can eat several pounds of wood over a year.

They won’t stop at the structural portions of your home. Termites will eat all types of wood, including prized antiques and family heirloom furniture. These pests will only stop if you treat them, so you must seek professional extermination measures immediately upon discovery.

Call Team Champion for termite treatment options that fit the needs of your home. Let us take care of the termites so you can take care of your family.

What Are Your Treatment Options?

Your treatment plan will be based on the severity of the infestation and the layout of your home. Treatments may include:

  • Subterranean liquid treatment
  • Baiting stations
  • Fumigation services
  • Local and spot treatments

Treatment targets the infestation and aims to locate and eliminate the queen. Once the infestation has been treated and the extermination is complete, our team will follow up to make sure that the service was effective.

Termite Treatments Explained

Termite liquid treatment:

These treatments are nontoxic to children and pets, a safer option than some other termite treatments. This is typically applied under the soil, below the concrete flooring, and covering the perimeter of your property’s foundation.

Liquid treatment application may include possible minor disruptions to your property including drilling holes or moving HVAC components. This can also be applied in other areas of the property on a case-by-case basis.

Baiting stations:

Bait stations are used specifically for subterranean termites, working with the termite biology and behavior to fight the infestation. The worker termites pick up the bait throughout the termite nest, treating and killing them at the source.

Although the bait can eliminate termites, it is not dangerous to humans or pets. It works to disrupt the termite’s molting process and inhibits its growth.


This is the most extensive and effective way to combat termite infestation. It treats all the termites in and around your home’s structure, covering the area where the tent covers in a single treatment.

This treatment requires preparation, making sure that living things, food, and clothing are protected. A precise measurement of fumigation gas is released into the tent based on the size of the home and external factors including temperature. The gas permeates the wood and can get into space that humans cannot reach.

Why You Need Termite Treatment with Team Champion

The persistence of termite colonies makes it critical to call for professional help as soon as you detect them. Don’t risk fighting termites on your own and sacrificing your home’s structure in the fight. Let the termite experts at Team Champion handle your termite infestation. We’ve got the experience and professional products and equipment it takes to ensure the termites will be eliminated.

Choose Team Champion for your termite treatments in El Monte. We’ve got your home covered! Call today!


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