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El Monte Wasp Control

Wasp Control Service in El Monte with Team Champion

For safe, effective treatment of wasp nests and their activity around your home, it pays to hire professional pest control providers. Hiring wasp control professionals greatly improves your chance of eradication with one treatment, lowering the risk to you and your family. Our team can treat your wasp problems safely, wearing adequate PPE, and with the least invasive treatment options.

For wasp treatments in El Monte, call the professionals at Team Champion. Don’t risk getting stung, contact our office today for fast, effective wasp services.

Identifying Wasps

Wasps vary in color and size, depending on the species. All have two pairs of wings and appear pinched at the waist. They can range in pattern and color from black to metallic green, blue, and yellow. Wasps grow up to several centimeters long.

Wasps are known to be comparatively violent and aggressive compared to bees, but their aggressiveness depends on the species. Wasps can be helpful in the garden as they are predators of other insects, but their helpfulness does not outweigh the danger they pose to humans who get too close to the nest. Wasps can sting multiple times, unlike bees which only have one chance to sting.

Wasp Treatment Process

  1. Inspection involves visual surveillance of wasp activity so that we can plan accordingly and effectively for extermination. Visual inspection may include eaves, attic spaces, garages, sheds, porches, decks, patios, trash areas, light fixtures, and ground burrow areas.
  2. Wasp removal and exclusion will involve the possible removal of wasps, depending on aggressiveness and nest type. Exclusion is the process of closing off access points to potential nest areas in and around your home. This prevents entry and movement of nest sites once the wasps are disturbed.
  3. Extermination of wasps is typically done with an aerosol spray or concentrated chemical application used directly on the nest. This kills wasps on contact and any who return to the nest in the following few days.
  4. If needed, chemical treatment will be continued biweekly or monthly to be sure that the wasps are gone. This is dictated on a case-by-case basis and discussed during the inspection.

Wasps Infestations? Call the Professionals at Team Champion

For wasp extermination, removal, and exclusion in El Monte, trust the professionals at Team Champion. Don’t risk getting stung when you least expect it or finding a nest inside your home’s attic or patio. Enjoy the outdoors and feel safe with wasp services that you can count on.

Call Team Champion today for wasp services in El Monte.


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