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El Monte Bee Control

Bee Control Services in El Monte with Team Champion

Bees are an integral part of our ecosystem and are responsible for the health and survival of at least 400 types of plants and flowers worldwide. They help to ensure that our fruits and vegetables thrive each year.

Unfortunately, sometimes bees get a little too close for comfort, making their way into the eaves of our homes and businesses. Active hives may appear near your home or office because they are migrating, but they do not typically stay put for long, or are looking for a new place to build their home. If the bees decide that your space is where they want to stay, it can become a danger to you or your family. This is especially true if your family members have allergies to bee stings.

Contact Team Champion if you’re having a problem with bees. We’re here to answer your pest control calls in El Monte.

How Can Team Champion Protect You from Bees

If there is an active hive around or inside your house or place of business, it is time to call our bee control experts at Team Champion. Our team can assess the situation and the location of the hive to determine if they are far enough away from your structure to leave alone (they often will stop to rest as they migrate). If they are building a new hive within your structure, then it is time to act fast and remediate the issue. Sometimes a nest can be removed without harming any bees, but if bees access your home’s interior, more drastic steps may be necessary.

We know the importance of protecting bees and the job they do. We do our best to eradicate a hive only when they pose a direct threat. In these cases, bees may make their way into your home via lights, electrical boxes, eaves, negative spaces, HVAC ductwork and vents, and water and cable boxes.

It is important to assess and remove the hive before it becomes established and before they get into your actual living space. They can build hives within your walls and become an even bigger problem. Unfortunately, when that happens, removal may require cutting into interior and exterior walls which is costly, intrusive, and destructive.

Call Team Champion for Bee Control in El Monte

If you have a bee allergy or notice a hive has migrated and made a home of your house, call our bee control experts at Team Champion. We can help you protect your home and family from unexpected visitors like bees. Don’t try to move the bees on your own, it’s too risky. Let our team handle the hive so you relax at home again, without the worry of being stung.

Call Team Champion for bee control options in El Monte. We can help protect your family, friends, or employees from things that go buzz in the night.


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