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El Monte Scorpion Control

Scorpion Control for Your Home with Team Champion

Scorpions are common in desert climates and landscapes, but that doesn’t mean you want them in your home. Whether their nest is in your home or near it, you have a responsibility to protect your family. We’re here to help.

With proper scorpion control chemicals and knowledge of scorpion behavior, we can customize your scorpion treatments and services. Our team can target scorpions at their nest and where they go to breed. We can implement integrated pest management, combining our treatments with customer education so you can help protect your home from scorpions, too.

If you notice scorpions around your home, don’t wait until you get stung. Call Team Champion for scorpion control services in El Monte. Our pest control technicians can help you make sure your family is safe.

Prevent Scorpion Stings in Your Home with These Tips

To help protect your family at home, and keep scorpions away from your loved ones, practice the tips below:

  • Keep blankets and sheets off the floor and move beds and cribs away from the wall.
  • Place the legs of cribs or beds in glass jars to prevent scorpions from climbing up the surface of the legs. Scorpions need a rough surface to climb, so glass jars keep them from making their way into your beds.
  • Check all blankets and pillows thoroughly, especially when they have been folded or stored, and shake out stored clothes before you put them on.

Prevent Scorpion Nesting Around Your Home with These Tips

Keep the area around your home free from potential scorpion hiding places using the tips below:

  • Remove debris, wood piles, and rock piles from the perimeter of your home.
  • Seal your home’s exterior access using caulk or other sealants, closing cracks or openings around doors, windows, and crawl spaces. Keeping scorpions outside is the most important step.
  • Remove boxes and other potential hiding places from your home or garage when possible.
  • Remove all standing water. Scorpions seek nests in areas near sources of water, so removing standing water and fixing any leaking pipes can help make your home less desirable.

Protect Your Home in El Monte with Help from Team Champion

For scorpion control, you can count on, call the El Monte pest control experts at Team Champion. We can help you feel safe in your home with pest control created to target scorpions and other dangerous pests. Choose our trusted team of technicians to help you learn how you can protect your home from scorpions and other pests while we use our services to combat the scorpions around your home.

Contact Team Champion for scorpion control at your home in El Monte.


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