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El Monte Cricket Control

Cricket Control Services for Your Home in El Monte

Crickets are noisy, can reproduce and multiply quickly, and somehow always seem to make their way indoors. They tend to naturally live in areas of debris, clutter, leaves, trash, or wood chips and prefer to mate in dark, damp spaces where they will be undisturbed.

Unfortunately, they may enter your home through door gaps, vents, electrical and HVAC access points, and cracks in your foundation. It is easy for cricket populations to get out of hand quickly, so it is important to get ahead of the problem.

Contact the El Monte pest control professionals at Team Champion for help with crickets and other pests in your home or place of work.

Cricket Facts: What You May Not Know About Crickets

Crickets can be a nuisance to you, your family, or your employees, so it is helpful to know why they do what they do. The facts below can help you understand a bit about their behavior, so you can better protect your space.

  • Male crickets chirp to attract a mate but their calls inadvertently attract other males as well.
  • They are a common food source for rodents, spiders, and ants so these other pests may be drawn to your home if crickets invade it.
  • Consistent food and water may bring crickets indoors and then be the reason for them to stay.
  • Crickets are attracted to light, so leaving porch lights or basement lights on can draw them in.
  • Once inside your home, office, or garage, crickets can quickly chew through wool, cotton, rubber, leather, nylon, and paper. They eat their weight in food every day so they can quickly cause damage to your home.
  • Although they live and nest in damp, cool places, they can come inside in search of heat in kitchens, fireplaces, near water heaters, and along baseboards.

Team Champion Can Help Keep Crickets Away

When you hear chirping indoors and notice it’s becoming a problem, you may be dealing with crickets. They hide beneath and behind furniture and can keep you up at night with their mating song. The El Monte pest control professionals at Team Champion can help you rid your space of crickets so you can enjoy peace and quiet again.

Call our pest control experts at Team Champion to discuss how we can help protect your home from crickets and other pests in your El Monte home or business.


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