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El Monte Rodent Control

Rodent Control in El Monte with Team Champion

Rodents are one of the most dangerous pests to harbor in and around your home. These furry pests can damage your home’s structure, your belongings, your food, and the interior of your home. Rodents multiply quickly and can easily take over your home, wreaking havoc within your walls and ceiling.

If you are dealing with rats or mice in your home, it’s time to call in the professionals. The rodent control technicians at Team Champion can help protect your home and family from rats and mice in El Monte.

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How Do I Know If I Have Mice or Rats?

Mice and rats are a lot alike, but some telltale signs can help you determine which one your home is plagued with. Here are some facts about mice and rats to help you distinguish between the two:

Mice are small, adults reaching about 7.5 inches in length, including their tails. They love to eat dry pet food, grains, cereal, plants, and other dried foods. They live for around 1 year in the wild, but inside your home, they may survive up to 2 years. House mice make their nests from shredded paper, soft shredded materials, cotton, and other kinds of stuffing. These animals are nocturnal so you will most likely only catch a glimpse of them at night, as they hide and rest during the day.

Rats, unlike mice, are much larger, and their body is longer than their tail. They tend to have disproportionately large feet and heads compared to their bodies. Their teeth marks are much larger than those of mice and they constantly gnaw on wood, plastic, and other hard surfaces. There are two common rats in the southern California area, Norway rats and Roof rats. Roof rats prefer vegetation and insects, eating grains, fruits, seeds, and produce. Norway rats will eat just about anything humans eat, and are known to prey on fish, poultry, mice, reptiles, and amphibians.

How Rodents Enter Your Home and Where they Hide

Rodents can easily get into your home through various holes and spaces. Mice can fit through a hole ¼ inch in diameter, and rats through ½ inch. These are tiny holes! They can wiggle their way through the spaces around dryer vents, pipe openings, cracks in walls, and between the door and framing of your garage.

Mice and rats may be hiding in your garage, attic, walls, or ceiling. They can make their home out of your home’s eaves, in your pantry, in your garage storage, and in many other places.

Signs of Rodent Infestation

There are several sure signs of rodent activity in and around your home. If you see any of the signs below, it’s time to call for help.

Signs of rodent activity include:

  • Hearing scratching noises or skittering across ceilings, walls, etc.
  • Visible mice or rats
  • Dropping inside your garage, cupboards, cabinets, in corners, or along walls
  • Visible greasy rub marks along walls or at entry points
  • Chew marks or holes in food items, pantry items, pet food bags, material or paper, drywall, or storage boxes

Rodent Control Options for Your El Monte Home

The goal of rodent control is to take sanitation measures, rodent-proof your structure and space, and reduction of the rodent population. There are four main ways that your El Monte rodent control technician will control rodents on your property.

  • Rodent Exclusion: This is the term for the prevention of entry or reentry into your garage and home. It involves closing off all points of entry around the perimeter of your home and closing up spaces that link the garage or outdoor structure and the interior of your home. Blocking these points may include installing metal mesh grates, closure construction, and blocking off spaces around pipes or vents.
  • Trapping: Rodent traps are placed around the perimeter of your property, in high-traffic areas, and pantries, garage space, attics, etc.
  • Baiting: Rodent bait boxes are stationed around your property (outdoor only) to gain control of the rodent population. Bait boxes can typically be placed near trash cans, around your HVAC outdoor components, under bushes, and on the outskirts of your property.
  • Clean Out: This is the process of clearing out the nests, droppings, fur, and other signs of rodents in your attic, garage, or other infested space.

Call Team Champion for Rodent Control Solutions

For rodent solutions that protect your home and family, call a pest control company that you trust. Our team is here to help you keep your home mice and rat-free, with options for rodent control that suit your needs. Let the rodent control experts at Team Champion answer your call in El Monte.

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