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El Monte Termite Repairs

Termite Damage Repair for Your Home in El Monte

When your home is diagnosed with a termite infestation, you can count on needing damage repairs once the extermination is complete. From structural reinforcement to buckled or damaged paint, termites can cause quite a lot of damage. It is critical to make repairs that will reinforce your home’s structural integrity so that you know your family is safe in your home.

When you need a repair team that you can count on, why not call the Team Champion repair team so you can get all the termite services in one place? Our termite professionals in El Monte can inspect, exterminate, and repair your home.

Contact Team Champion today to discuss how we can help repair what the termites destroyed.

What Does Termite Damage Look Like?

Termite damage is fairly similar to most termite infestations. If you have had a termite problem, you may find termite damage including:

  • Blistered paint
  • Buckles or bubbles in the paint or ceilings
  • Wood damage is indicated by wood sounding hollow when tapped, wood becoming soft to the touch and easily punctured or breakable
  • Door jams and window frames sticking or misaligning when attempting to open or close
  • Crumbling or decaying patio beams or wood boards

How Can We Repair Termite Damage?

It is critical to remove all damaged wood so that your home’s structure is secure in the future. Replacing damaged structural boards or beams will be the most pressing task as it will prevent future damage, while superficial damage can be dealt with later. Keep in mind, much of the damage the termite cause can be hidden within the walls of you home. You may not know the extent of their handywork until a deeper inspection is performed.

Once you know the damages, it’s time to get to work. If you do not remove the damaged boards, the second option is to install supportive boards or beams to shore up the damaged sections. You can also use wood hardeners to fill gaps in damaged wood if the damage is not too excessive to warrant replacement. This can also be done with wood fillers. Fillers can pack in visible channels made by the termites.

Superficial repairs may include:

  • Repairs to flooring
  • Patching drywall
  • Repainting or touching up paint
  • Siding repairs
  • Fascia repairs or replacement

Call Team Champion for Termite Repairs at Your Home in El Monte

Choose Team Champion for your termite damage repairs and when you need a company that does everything you need. From inspection to repairs, we have your home covered. We have decades of experience under our belts, so we have the knowledge needed to get the job done right the first time. Don’t waste your time with unreliable, inexperienced companies; let Team Champion eliminate your termite infestation.

Call Team Champion in El Monte for your termite services. Our team can make the repairs you need, whether structural, interior, or exterior superficial, or attached structures to your home.


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