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Team Champion Provides Termite Services from Start to Finish

When you are facing a termite problem or are in the process of a new home purchase, you know the importance of termite inspections and services. At Team Champion, we understand the struggle of finding a termite inspector you can trust who also provides extermination options and even offers repairs when needed. This is why we decided to provide all three. The El Monte termite service professionals at Team Champion have got your structure covered, from inspection to repairs. We can help you get rid of termites and get back to feeling safe in your space.

Call Team Champion for a termite inspection, extermination, and post-extermination repairs in El Monte. We’ve got the experience and expertise you can count on.

El Monte Termite Inspections with Team Champion

Our termite inspectors check the interior and exterior of your home for signs of termite infestation. Visually checking for signs of termite damage while also observing if there are signs of other wood-destroying organisms. We examine the structural perimeter of the home, the eaves or patios, posts, exterior walls, and the foundation.
Types of wood-destroying organisms include:

  • Termites
  • Fungus
  • Carpenter ants
  • Carpenter bees
  • Woodboring beetles

An in-depth inspection may include checking further inside your home and inspecting for termite activity within the home’s structure. This can include:

  • Under the kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • Along indoor garage walls
  • Along windowsills
  • Around door frames
  • In crawl spaces

The inspectors will look for signs of termites that include droppings, broken wings, mud tubes, and wood damage.

Termite Treatment Options

The most common termite treatments we provide are for subterranean termites. To treat these types of termites, the exterminator will utilize soil treatments around the perimeter of the structures as well as in any spots necessary. This type of treatment involves trenching and treating with a solvent that remains in the soil after the treatment.

We may also include local treatments to fight the termites that are inhabiting the structure or outlying wood posts or patios. Local treatment can include using a drill to access the spaces within the walls where the termites are infested, attacking them at their base within your home.

Fumigation is used on a case-by-case basis, depending on the extent of the infestation, and in some cases, we use a combination of fumigation, local treatments, and soil treatments.

Post-Termite Extermination Exterior and Interior Repairs

After a termite inspection, treatment, and possible fumigation, you may need minor repairs to your home. From replacement posts or beams to drywall or small sections of wood within the home, termites can cause a lot of damage. Our team is well-equipped to help get your home back to normal so that you feel safe and can enjoy your space without holes in the drywall of unsteady patio posts.

Call Team Champion for Termite Extermination in El Monte

The termite inspectors and treatment team at Team Champion have your structure covered when it comes to getting rid of destructive and invasive termites. We know the importance of structural integrity for your home, and we want you to be comfortable within. Don’t wait until the termites have taken over and your home’s integrity is compromised!

Contact the termite experts at Team Champion via our contact page for termite inspection, treatment, and repairs today. Put your El Monte property in our care and don’t worry about a thing.