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How Can We Help Fix Termite Damages?

Team Champion Provides Structural and Superficial Termite Damage Repairs

When termite damages go beyond simple repairs, the experts at Team Champion can help. Our El Monte construction team can repair even the worst in termite damages. If you are unsure about whether you have termites, it is time to call our team. Don’t wait until the damage is extensive and expensive.

Fight termites and get your home back with the termite exterminators and repair team at Team Champion in El Monte. We’re here to evict the bugs and put your home back together.

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What Are the Signs of Termite Infestation?

The first defense in fighting termites is creating a plan of attack to remove them from your home, so you can focus on repairs.

Signs of a termite infestation may include:

  • Musty/moldy odor
  • Droppings that look like sawdust
  • Discarded wings
  • Visible termites (they often are described as flying ants)
  • Hollow sounding wood
  • Discolored or drooping drywall
  • Maze-like trails on wooden furniture
  • Visible wood destruction

How We Make Small Termite Damage Repairs

Simple, less-invasive termite damages may be repairable without replacing wood and without major structural repair work. There are ways we can repair superficial wood damages when they are not compromising the stability of your home, patio, or external structure. We can use wood fillers, sealants, or hardeners to make these simple repairs.

  • Wood fillers can fill small cracks in damaged wood.
  • Wood hardeners fill holes and gaps to restore strength to damaged wood.
  • Wood sealants cut off the air supply to any termites still left within the damaged wood.

Some Termite Damages Require Professional Help

Termites can damage a home’s structure extensively when left untreated, and larger colonies can work their way through your home’s wood foundation and framing without you even knowing it is happening. Extensive termite damages can take many forms, requiring construction repairs beyond a simple wood hardener.

Extensive termite damage can include:

  • Buckling ceilings or walls
  • Mud tunnels in the home’s foundation
  • Paint bubbling
  • Appearance of water-damage
  • Windowsill damage
  • Structural damage to wood within walls, floorboards, or subfloors
  • Door frame damages (doors may seem tight or like doors don’t fit)

At Team Champion, we have the experience to handle even the worst termite damage. We can repair damage to wood decks, siding, windowsills, and structural wood damage. In addition, we can fix your drywall, flooring, and internal superficial damage.

Call Team Champion for Termite Extermination and Damage Repairs in El Monte

With extensive knowledge and experience in construction, you don’t have to worry about tackling repairs after termites wreak havoc on your home. Team Champion can assess and treat for termites in El Monte and repair damage, too.

Learn more about how Team Champion can help you get your home back when termites move in. Call the El Monte termite repair experts at Team Champion to get started.